“Adventures of Pete and Pete”  “Las Vegas”
"Adventures in Diving"  “Last Call”
“Another World” “Late Night”
“Average Joe” “Later”
“Bell South Classic” “Law and Order” 
“Boomtown” "Love has changed my life"
“Cosby Mysteries” “Nightside Sun”
“Crossing Jordan” “Other Side”
“Dateline” “Passions”
“Days of our Lives” “Pretender” 
“Early Today” “Profiler”
"Downtown Lover"  "Ready For Summer"
"Eastern Sunset" “Saturday Night Live”
“ER”  “Scrubs”
“Family Matters” “Sportsworld”
“Fear Factor” “Sunset Beach”
“Frasier” “The Apprentice”
“Good Morning Miami” “Third Watch”
"Help Each Other" “Today”
"Heroes" “Tonight Show”
“Homicide” "Unknown"
“Just Shoot Me”  
DSM Producers
Nickelodeon - "Adventures of Pete and Pete"
Disneyland / Walt Disney World
 "Discoveryland Entrance Pools"
Universal Studios Hollywood / Florida - "Kongfrontation", "E.T." Adventure, "Bluto's BilgeRats"
Universal Studios Japan - "Wakayama Flume"